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Shoes still in production before May 9th will be delayed about a week due to Spanish Holidays. Take note that no shoes will be produced between Aug 1-15 due to National Holidays.


We’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into making sure we create the best experience for our Mandeaux® Family. Goodyear welted shoes take approximately 160 steps to complete. We do half of those steps ahead of time on our QuickShip™ options so it cuts the time in half that we get them out for delivery without diminishing the quality!

All QuickShip™ options are Goodyear welted and have brown calf leather lining. This can NOT be changed. Please let us know in the comment box prior to checkout that you’d like QuickShip™. If it’s not denoted in the comment section, you will receive the shoes in the standard configuration.

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